Who Will Win Titans vs Warriors 18th Momentum One Day Cup Match Prediction – 8 MARCH

 Match Astrology ~ Titans versus Warriors 18th ODI Match Prediction 2019

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Titan vs. Warriors predicts the 18th Momentum One Day Cup match, between the Titans versus Warriors in Willomohar Park, Benoni, on 08.06.2019 at 05:00 a.m. This is the 18th Momentum One Day Cup match between Warriors vs. Titans. 
This is the 18th game of the Momentum One Day Cup 2019, which will be held on March 8, 2019, where Team Warriors vs Titans will face face-to-face in the 18th match of Momentum One Day Cup with one another in Willomohar Park, Benoni at local time.The true Momentum ODD match of Titans vs. Warriors match will cover the match highlights, man of the match and commentary so that you can make big money. The South African ODM Momentum is full of the true prophecy of the One Day Cup and will deliver the results of ball titans versus Warriors by the Momentum One Day Cup Match Ball which will win today. WAR and TIT Dream 11 and furthermore match predictions, check out who will win TIT from War Match Prediction? So just enjoy the 2017 announcement of the 18th match of today’s Momentum One Day Cup titles (TIT) versus Warriors (WAR).
Match details:
Match information: Warriors (WAR) vs Titans (TIT), 18th Match, Momentum One Day Cup, 2019
Date of match: 08 March 2019,
Match Venue: Willomohar Park, Benoni
Match time: from 05:00 pm
Total capacity: 15,000 seats
Average first-innings total: 248 runs
Average 8th innings total: 082 runs
Highest score: 392/6 (50 overs) by RSA vs Pak
Lowest score: 119/08 (34.3 over) by ZIM vs RSA
Highest Chased: 329/3 (46.2 over) by RSA vs Eng
Lowest Rescue: 198/08 (44.3 over) by AfricaAXI vs. ASXI
Team Squads:
All Titans team team players:
Heno Kuhn, Henry Davids, Dean Elgar, Jonathan Vander, Farhan Behardien, Chris Morris, Thunice de Bruyn, Eden Markram, Lungi Nugidi, Shawn von Berg, Tabrez Shamsi, Jr. Della, Henrik Klassen (C & WK), Tapoki More Thomson, Eldred Hawken, Tony De Zorzy, Gregory Mahlokwana, Imran Mankeck
All the Warriors Team Team Player:
JJ Smuts (C), Andrew Birch, Gihan Cloete (WK), Ayubulla Gakamen, Yasin Waley, Clyde Fortune, Colin Ackerman, Bashiru-Din Walters, Lesba Nogape, Cristian Zonker, Sisanda Magala, Lutho Simplamam Cipla Mathew Brittzke, Marco Marais , Sethembil Langa, Syntenba Qeshile (wk), Onke Nyku, Grenton Sturman
Match Winner

Will win

Warriors vs Titans Head to Head
The WAR and TIT team both provided fans with some matches of the Momentum One Day Cup history from the first edition. Titans and Warriors have had great success on their home ground. TIT vs War Head to Head Stats that TIT won 2 matches and WAR won 3 matches against each other in the last five matches.
Titans vs Warriors Live Streaming, 18th Day: Where to Watch Live Coverage on TV and Online
TIT vs WAR 18 will be officially broadcast by One Day Live Streaming SuperSport. The 18th ODI channel will be broadcast on Sky Sports HD. Visit ESPN cricinfo and Cricbuzz to get live scores.
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