North vs South 3rd One Day Match Who WIll WIn Today Match Prediction – 23 March

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 North Vs South 3 North-South Series Today match. This is 23.03.2018 on 23.03.2018 at 3:30 pm, in North West and South in Bridgetown, Barbados in three verses oval. It is a 3 North-South Series match prediction game between North vs South where Northern Captain Steven Mulley will lead the North. All North-South Series match forecasts, team information is given below. Sam will be captain by South East-East, who will lead the SUU in the South-South series in the South-South series in 2018.
This is the third game of North-South Series 2018 on March 23, 2018, where the third match of the South-Africa South-Africa North-South Series will be held at 1:30 pm local time at the third Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados. . . See the latest team rankings in the North-South Series 2018 issue table. You will get 100% correct North-South Series match forecasts from here. Get North-South Series Ball Live Score with tips on betting. The prediction of all the North-South Series matches is based on analysis by our lover voters and some cricket experts. North vs. South’s predicted North-South Series match will cover the entire match, Man of the Match and commentary so that you can earn big. Govalkaras today’s prediction of the match is full of the actual prediction of the North-South series, and who will win today, the North-South Series match ball ball will provide results from the north to the south and also examine the match’s predictions. So just enjoy the South (SOU) versus North (NOR) North-South Series today. Third match forecast 2018
Match details:
Match information: Answer (NOR) vs South (SOU), Third One Day, North-South Series, 2018
Match date: 23 March 2018, Friday
Match location: Three oval oval, Bridgetown, Barbados
Match time: 08:00 AM GMT / 01:30 PM local
Total capacity: 6,000 seats
Average 1st Innings total: 228 runs
Average third innings total: 197 runs
Highest score: 328/10 (50 overs) by England vs YI
Min score: 91/10 (30 ovi) by IRE vs Aus
Highest Pursuit: 313/6 by SSL Vs Y (49.3 VV)
Lowest Rescue: Pak vs. Y by 1 9 7/8 (50 ov)
Both SOU and NOR team have provided fans with some matches in the North-South Series history from the first edition. North and South are very successful in the North-South series, the main figures from South vs North Head are that NOR has won 0 matches and the SUU has won 4 matches against each other.
North vs. South Live Streaming, Second One Day: To Watch Live Coverage on TV and Online
The Live Streaming of 21-springs north-south series will be officially broadcast by Sky Sports Network in Sky Sports HD, Channel of England and Wales. The second match score website will be available at ecb.co.uk. For online streaming of North vs. Southern II, you need to look at Sky App, where you can take the live north-south. Live scores to go to ESPN Cricinfo and Sequires
Match Winner

Will win

Team squad

All South Team Squad players:
Sam Norton (c), Sam Karen, Liam Dawson, John Simpson (WK), Daniel Bell-Drummond, George Genton, Paul Walter, Dominic Base, Delray Rowlyn, Nick Gabbins, Tom Helm, James Porter, Daniel Lawrence,
All North Team Squad players:
Steven Mulani (C), Matthew Fisher, Joe Clark, Shakib Mahmood, Matthew Parkinson, Jack Chapel, Richard Glason, Brett Dolivira, Sam Han, Alex Davis (WK), Ben Duckett, Paul Cufflin, Caiton Jennings
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