Bijapur Bulls vs Bellary Tuskers 14th KPL Match Prediction Who Will Win 26 AUGUST

Bijapur Bulls vs. Bellary Tuskers 14th KPL Match Predict, Karnataka Premier League : Bijes vs. BEL Match Predictions

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Bijapur Bulls versus Bellary Tuskers predicted the 14th KPL match at the 06th of 06.30 on Sunday, 26.08.2018 on the 14th Karnataka Premier League today in Srikanthdutt Narasimha Raja Wadiyar Ground, Mysore. This is predicted to be 14th KPL T20 match between Bijapur Bulls versus Bellary Tuskers, where Bija’s captain Bharath Chipli will lead Bijapur Bulls.  BEL will be led by Chief Minister Gautam who will lead the team in the 14th match of the Bellary Tuskers versus Bijapur Bulls versus the Carbon Carnatic Premier League 2018.
This is the prediction of Karnataka Premier League 2018 match on August 26, 2018, where Team Bijapur Bulls vs. Bellary Tuskers will face each other at K. P.L.’s 14th match in Sri Lanka’s Srikanthdutt Narasimha Raja Wadiyar Ground, Mysore 06.30am .  Bijapur vs Bellary’s real KPL match will include full match highlights, match-of-man and commentary so that you can earn big. The Karnataka Premier League is full of true prediction of KPL and who will win today, Karnataka Premier League Match Ball Ball will give results of Bijapur Bulls versus Bellary Tuskers. Check out the match prediction BEL vs BIJ match predictions who will win? So just Belary Tuskers (BEL) vs. Bijapur Bulls (TKR) Karnataka Premier League today enjoy the 14th match prediction 2018.
Match details:
Match: Bijapur Bulls vs Bellary Tuskers, 14th Match, Karnataka Premier League, 2018
Date: Sunday, August 26, 2018
Location: Srikanthdutt Narasimha Raja Wadiyar Ground, Mysore
Time: 01:00 PM GMT / 06:30 PM
Capacity: 40,000 seats
Average first-innings score: 26 9 runs
Average second innings score: 140 runs
Highest total: 188/3 (26 ovi) by Industry vs. S.
Lowest total: 266/26 (18 ov) by SL vs AUS
Highest chase: 268/9 (26 ovi) by England v S
Lowest Defense: 188/3 (26 ov) by Industry vs. S.
BIJ vs BEL Live Streaming, 14th KPL T20: Where to watch live coverage on TV and online
Live streaming of BEL vs BIJ 14th Karnataka Premier League T20 will be officially broadcast by Star Sports Network in India. The 14th T20 channel will be broadcast on Star Sports 1 HD. For the online streaming of Bijapur Bulls versus Belly Tuskers, you will need to look at Hotstar.com, the Hotstar app where you can catch live streaming. Get live scores on Bijapur Vs Bellary 14th T20 Espanquikinfo, Cricbuzz and Yahoo Live Scores.
Today Match Winner

Will win

Team squad

Bijapur Bulls All Team Squad Players:
KP Appanna, Bharath Chipli (C), Ronit More, Sunil Raju, Shishir Bhavn, K.C. Kripipa, Naveen MG, KN Bharath (wicket), Mir Kaunen Abbas, Bhavesh Ghulecha, Jahurur Farooqi, Anurag Vajpayee (wicket), Rishab Singh, KL Sreejith, Suraj Kamath, Amar Ghale, Majid Mccandar, Ruthraj
Bellary Tuskers All Team Squad Players:
Ramesh Bhatkal, Rohit Sabharwal (wicket), Pradeep T., Karthik CA, Satish Bhardwaj, Rajat Hegde, Ramesh Verma, Ramesh Verma, Swapnil Yelev, Devadutt Padakkal, Muthana Nayak
Bijapur Bulls v Bellary Tuskers Head to Head
Both the teams have provided entertainment since starting the edition in several matches of the Karnataka Premier League. Both BEL and Bijay have good records against each other. The head to head figures for the Bellary Tuskers and the Bijapur Bulls have been won by Bijay, and BEL has won 1 match.
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